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I am a problem solver at heart, always striving to deliver the most effective solution at the highest standard. I have an innate ability to deconstruct complex goals, add strategic insight, define a course of action, and execute with a passion.

If you are looking for a detail-oriented individual who can quickly adapt and perform new skills while working with a team or independently, look no further. My experience balancing multiple projects in a myriad of disciplines permits me the confidence to say I will hit the ground running and quickly exceed expectations.




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  • 208.250.2229

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BYU-Idaho 2002-2008

Business Management // Marketing & Communication

The top lessons I learned in college include; how to work with teams, how to gain and share knowledge, how to prioritize assignments, how to meet deadlines, how to quickly learn new skills, and how to get things done. Some noteworthy college highlights include:

Integrated Business Core

Klim Research

Harvard Case Study Competitions

Collegiate Level Club Soccer

My Skill Set
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Motivation
  • Microsoft Office
  • HTML
  • SEO
  • CMS
  • Photoshop

Property Management June 2012 - Present

From Rental Leasing Agent to General Contractor

I have managed to rent out 5 rundown properties for a private investor and 1 commercial building for my current employer. Though outside my typical skill set, these projects have drawn on my ability to quickly adapt and excel in unfamiliar territory.

Dille & Associates, CPA Jan 2009 - Present

Business Development & Special Projects

    Main Duties Include:
    • Creating print and digital marketing products.
    • Developing more efficient workflow processes.
    • Resolving technical hardware/software issues.
    Special Projects Have Included:
    • Managing 14,000 sq. ft. commercial building by planning tenant spaces, negotiating contracts, overseeing construction and keeping tenants happy.
    • Organized a 35 year anniversary event.
    • Overseeing rental of a small event center for parties and business meetings.
    • Fulfilling the owner’s last minute request to participate in a parade dressed as George Washington.
    All of these projects have drawn on my ability to quickly adapt and excel in unfamiliar territory.

    Freelance Work July 2008 - Present

    Websites & Graphic Design

    As a freshman in college, I temporarily switched my major to art because they did not allow business majors to take pottery. Later, I created my own communication/ computer science/ art cluster because website design and making things look good was fun and seemed like a natural arm to a Marketing degree. Getting paid to do these things is just a cherry on top.

    Service Lifelong Commitment

    2 Years of Missionary Service in Canada (2003-05)

    BSA - Varsity Scout Coach (2008-09)

    High School & Club Soccer Coach (2009-11)